Wedding in lovely Arild

We are lucky to have the Chapel in Arild just beneath our hotel. The Chapel is known as the only preserved middle aged fisherman’s chapel in Skåne, and is today a very sought after place to have a wedding ceremony.

Even Brunnby church with the beautiful lime stone paintings from the 15th Century is a popular and delightful alternative. For couples who want something more than the ordinary, Arild and the nature with unique places offers memories that will last a lifetime.

Strand Hotell is a great alternative for those who are a planning a wedding and are seeking lovely premises with a romantic setting. We arrange weddings for smaller as well as bigger parties.

On one of our verandas we can accommodate a party of max 18 people. The veranda is in connection of our lounge which also can be accessible to you for pre dinner drinks, coffee and cake. The lounge is also private and detached from other guests if you require so.

In our beautiful dining room we lay the tables for max 64 people. The dining room is also in connection with a veranda where the sea and the picturesque village is a backdrop. Big parties like these hire the whole restaurant and hotel.

For more information about our wedding package, please contact us